Introduction Edit

Of the three continents on the planet of Hermia, Aestis is central; it is bordered by a northern continent called Nordus and a southern, icebound continent, Sindhi. In the middle of Aestis are the Lesser and the Greater Arc Seas. The latter is in fact a vast enclosed ocean that is connected to the Dorling Sea by the Straits of Dancare in the west.

Aestis map UPDATED JAN 2017
City States of the Arclands

Around the shores of the Greater Arc Sea are nine city states:

  • Arc
  • Gol
  • Harenis
  • Wardenhal
  • Dran
  • Hothis
  • Skaris
  • Dancare
  • Taeor

The centre of world civilisation for the last millennia has been the city of Arc on the eastern shore of the Greater Arc Sea. It has maintained its imperial dominance through trade, being the port that all the caravans of the eastern lands travel to in order to access the sea and the west of Aestis. It has been locked in bitter rivalry with the city of Dran for centuries. The lands around the shores of the Greater Arc Sea are known as the Arclands and the inhabitants of these regions view themselves as being blessed; they see themselves as existing at the heart of world civilisation and anything beyond the Arclands is simply dismissed as 'West of Arc' or 'East of Dancare'. Most of the continent's population lives in the Arclands, but several huge kingdoms and empires live beyond their borders. Ghotharand, Veska, Oloris, Del Marah, Del Vettor, the Molvar kingdoms and republics, the Mill Lands, Mordikhaan and the Black Republics all present the inner Arclands with trading partners and potential enemies.